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4 Benefits of Using a Mobile App on Campus

  1. Mobile Ordering

Having mobile app on campus creates countless benefits. Through this app feature you are able to not only keep students eating ON campus; you are also able to improve operational flow by shortening lines, and provide better, more convenient customer service to your students. Hangry’s mobile ordering feature allows line by-pass, keeps student’s order history and rewards the student points every time they order through the mobile app on campus. This feature integrates seamlessly with any campus POS system, and can be deployed anywhere at anytime.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

Student’s aren’t looking at posters anymore, because they are too busy looking at their phone. Campus mobile apps provide the opportunity to market your brand through mobile advertising and app usage. Mobile apps can be used a platform on online advertisements, but also offer alternative marketing methods. The Hangry Loyalty and Rewards feature allows you to place points on virtually any item, action, or feedback that the students can access on the app. By having the power to place points where ever you want, you can ultimately drive student behavior –creating a secret marketing weapon. Want students trying a new dining location? Offer them extra points when they eat there. Hangry also offers push messaging as a direct line of communication between you and your students.

  1. Surveys and Reviews

Nowadays, students won’t try a new restaurant or buy a new product until they’ve read reviews online. A campus mobile app provides the opportunity for students to review their experiences and complete surveys. By offering this feature, you are able to take the results and use them to better the overall student experience. The Hangry app allows you to rate meals and overall app usage. In addition, you can also use push messaging to provide surveys and questionnaires to your students.

  1. Loyalty and Rewards

A mobile app on campus provides the opportunity for an online loyalty and rewards program. With this feature, you are able to drive student behaviour by encourage daily app tasks, and then rewarding them points for their loyalty. For example, if you’d like to promote certain campus items you can prompt students to ‘order this item to complete a challenge’, or ‘order at this specific restaurant to complete a challenge’.

With this kind of power; you are not only able to keep students coming back to your app, but you are also able to guide the students in any direction you please—whether that be new products, new concepts, events on campus and more. Getting students to try new things, or enforce any action can be difficult. A loyalty and rewards program provides incentive for students to try new things on campus, and earn points that can be redeemed for MORE things on campus.


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