October 4, 2018 Hangry

Add Special Instructions Feature to Your Mobile Orders

Here at Hangry, we believe mobile ordering is king. It’s the most convenient, fastest, and easiest way to grab your food. However, with some mobile ordering apps users aren’t able to make special customizations to their order. This often forces them to wait in line so they can share their customizations with the kitchen staff. With Hangry’s mobile ordering platform, users can utilize the special instructions feature at their mobile checkout to make any customizations they would like to their meal.

Benefits to the Users

Customizations can include anything from adding extra sauces, to informing the kitchen staff about an allergy. The best part is that the process is extremely simple. All users have to do is complete their order through the mobile app and once they’re at checkout they can simple type in their customizations or special instructions. Once they’ve checked out, the kitchen will receive their order along with any additional special instructions. This special instructions feature is especially beneficial to users with dietary preferences, allergies, or even religious food restrictions.

Benefits to the Business

The special instructions feature is very versatile and can even be used as a mandatory prompt for users. What do we mean by this? Well, let’s say you have mobile ordering at your place of work and the office requires that you enter in your office number before completing your order. The special instructions box can then be modified to fit that specific situation.

In order to create a seamless mobile ordering experience you have to ensure all possible food options are available to your users. Otherwise, they will often take the in-person route if what they want isn’t available to them on the mobile app. With Hangry’s Special Instruction Feature, you are allowing your users to build customized orders the way they want it.

Want to learn more about the Special Instructions Feature? Click here to view our in-depth tutorial on how it works, and how you can customize it to fit the needs of your campus.


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