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Assist Mobile App Users From Your Desk

Hangry’s Mobile Ordering Dashboard allows you to assist mobile app users at any time. The dashboard not only allows you to view information, but perform user-facing tasks as well . This can range from small administrative tasks like performing a refund, to more interactive tasks like sending the users a message or notification. Today we are going to break down all the features the dashboard has to ensure you can assist mobile app users right from you desk.

Send a User Notification

A user notification allows you to send a push notification to any person using your mobile app. This feature is great when you’d like to contact one person directly, and once it is sent through the dashboard it will automatically show up as a message on that user’s mobile device. The dashboard also allows you to send notifications to multiple users at once, everyone at once, and even different user segments to optimize your targeted marketing initiatives.

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Add Credit to a User’s Account

The ability to add credit to any user’s account can come in handy for multiple different reasons. Credit can be provided as a contest award, through a marketing campaign, or as a form of crisis management. For example, if an order goes wrong, or a customer isn’t satisfied with their experience. Adding credit is one of the easiest tasks to assist mobile app users from the dashboard.

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Disable / Delete a User

The ability to disable or delete a user is a key feature on our dashboard. The feature can solve minor issues, like when a user signs up with the wrong email, or more major issues like when a user tries to abuse the mobile app. For example, using a fake credit card or trying to sign up with multiple emails. In any situation, the dashboard allows you to disable or delete a user quickly, avoiding many problems.

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Email Order Receipts to Users

This task is fairly straight-forward but also extremely important. There are many different reasons why a user might request an emailed receipt (i.e. needed to expense, to keep on file, etc). It’s important to note that users can configure their settings on their mobile app so that receipts are always emailed to them after an order.

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Update Daily Max Spends

Setting daily max spends is going to allow you to limit or increase the amount of spending a user is doing on orders each day. Now, why would we want to set max spends? Let’s say you have a user who you believe might be participating in fraudulent behaviour. In this case, you can set their max spend to something low like $10, while you look into their profile. Another example might be in an office environment where you have an executive assistant who is always ordering food for team meetings or team projects. In this case, you might want to increase their max spend so they can make multiple orders at once for the whole team.

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Verify a User’s Phone Number

Do you currently have a user who is experiencing problems verifying their phone number on your mobile app? You can fix the issue in just a few simple steps from the Hangry dashboard.

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Reset a User’s Password

One of the most common support questions you’ll ever receive is, ‘I forgot my password, can you help me?’ That is why we’ve made the process of resetting a user’s password from the dashboard quick and easy.

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Update Profile Information

When you are operating a mobile app, one of the most common support questions is, ‘I forgot my password, what should I do?’ The profile update tab is going to allow you to reset passwords along with a lot of other things like updating email, meal plan ID, and phone number. This feature helps you to make quick profile updates and changes to better serve your users.

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Perform a Refund

When it comes to mobile ordering, there is always a time when a refund needs to be made. Hangry has made the ability to perform a refund quick and easy from the dashboard to ensure optimal customer service. There are two ways to perform a refund from the dashboard: searching by order number, and searching by user.

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Add a Checkout Promo

Checkout promos are codes that users can enter ONLY on the checkout screen, and they are only applied when placing an order. These promos can have limits on the total number of times they can be used by a specific user, and can be entered for bonus points or dollars off an order.  Besides that, checkout promos are a great way to encourage students to try new dining locations or menu items. For example, if you’d like students ordering more from a certain dining location, then you can send them a push message letting them know they’ll receive a code for their next order if they order from that specific restaurant today. Lastly, checkout promos are simply going to increase mobile orders. If a user can earn points or earn credit using your app, they are more likely to make a mobile order than an in-person order.

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Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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