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Avoid Forgotten Mobile Orders with Reminder Feature

A big problem amongst mobile ordering solutions is forgotten orders. User’s will make an order from their mobile app and either forget or get side tracked. This leads to cold food sitting at the pick-up stations. Food left over at the stations can also lead to issues like users picking up the wrong orders, or users picking up cold food that wasn’t the kitchen’s fault. In any case, Hangry has created a feature that allows you to remind your users that their order is ready and is waiting at the pickup station for them.

How does it work? 

The process involves a simple click of a button. It can be done right from the merchant tablet at each restaurant location. First, the kitchen staff may realize a user is late to pick up their order. If so, they simply go to the History tab of their merchant tablet, find the user’s order and send them an automated message that states, ‘Your order is ready to be picked up’. Once this happens, that user will receive a notification on their phone reminding them to come grab their order. Should the user still not arrive, the message can be sent again. 


When your kitchen is performing well and creating a seamless mobile ordering experience, the last thing you want is for them to be blamed for cold food. Using the reminder feature allows the kitchen to take full control of the process. This ensures it is not their fault if the user arrives late. If the kitchen has reminded a user multiple times that their order is ready, then they are not to blame.

Adapting to the Life of a Student 

Students are always on the go and get distracted easily. That is why Hangry has created a feature that just gives them that extra reminder they need if they get side-tracked. The simplicity of the feature (one-click) is also ideal for a busy kitchen, especially during busy dining hours. Here at Hangry we are always trying to grow and adapt to the life of a student and are always wanting to discover new ways to seamlessly integrate into their routine.

Click here to watch an in-depth tutorial on how to remind a user that their order is ready:

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