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Backend Dashboard Training – Overview

When it comes to our backend dashboard, we know there’s a lot going on! It’s an incredible powerful tool, but for new clients it can be overwhelming. Along with top notch customer support, we’ve also built up an incredible library of support videos. From broad overviews to specific details, our videos cover it all.

Backend Dashboard 101

In this video, we’ve gone over the entire backend dashboard at a high level. This gives you an idea of all the different sections, and some of the capabilities. Take a look at the full video below:


Let’s Break It Down

We’ll do a quick written recap of the main video points.


The sales section is the one that you first see when logging into the backend dashboard. Here, you’ll find a sales overview with some relevant metrics. You also have access to an explorer which shows all details of each order that’s been put through the system. You can see these orders on the map, which is the next tab. Accounting and royalties can also be managed from here. Keep in mind, if we integrate with your POS then the accounting and royalties will be managed through that system instead of ours.



The next section is operations. Here, you’ll start with the initial overview which gives you a sense of what’s happening with the status of each location. From here, you can also access feedback from clients and control your hours of operation for each location. Item availability can be managed from here as well, should you run out of any stock. Item prep times are also set from this section, and from order flow you can control the number of orders that a location can handle per hour.


In the menus section, your first tab is the preview. This allows you to see the flow of the menu as it would appear in the app. From this section, you also control all the relevant information and customization of the cafeterias and restaurants. You have the ability to add rotating schedules to menu section, and you manage all of your items, options, and modifiers here. Again, it’s important to note that if we integrate with your POS, the menu management would be handled in that system instead of ours. An exception to this may be the nutrition tab, where you can add nutritional information and dietary flags at both the item and modifier level.


The users section is all about your app users! First you have an overview with some key metrics. Then you can head over to the user explorer tab to drill down and see information specific to each individual. From there, you can also perform a few individual specific actions like adding credit or deleting the user. Another key tab here is segments. This tab allows you to select from a dropdown of segmented user groups, and perform cohort analysis.


The loyalty section is where you’ll find your rewards store. Here, you can easily build contests and create checkout promos in dollar or points values. You also have the ability to add bonus points to certain locations, items, and modifiers from your menu.


Through our platform, your app has a dedicated inbox. The messages section is where you can easily create inbox messages with our drag and drop builder, or you can utilize html. Each message also has message analytics which can be viewed on the next tab over. From this section you can also send user notification to individuals or multiple users, as well as to entire segments of users.


This section is where you manage all things related to your team. From here, you’re able to add new members and control rights and roles in relation to what access you’d like for them to have in the backend dashboard. You’re able to control what each member can see, and you can even restrict them to specific cafeterias only.


The last section is admin. Here, you can control the look of the app – icon, cover photo, logo, as well as the colours within the application. This is also where you would control the campus tenders, including declining balance, meal exchange and cash equivalency. You’re also able to set taxes, and we support up to four taxes per item.

And that does it for our quick, high level overview of the backend dashboard! Hopefully this helps to get you introduced to some of its functions. For more in depth videos and blogs, check out our tutorials section – and as always, don’t be a stranger! Reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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