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Why Your Campus App Isn’t Successful

Below, we’ve outlined the top 8 reason’s why your campus app isn’t successful. Read on to get our take, and see if you can make some changes to get on the right track!

1. Third party/unrecognizable brand

Studies show that 77% of consumers are brand loyal, and are much more likely to download an app or participate in an initiative if it is being offered by a brand they trust. When introducing third-party options to students, the adoption rates are going to be significantly lower if the brand is foreign. When introducing a campus mobile app to your students, your key to successful adoption is through your own campus brand—a brand students know and trust.

2. You’re using a web app

The worst thing that you can do to a millennial or Gen Z student is direct them to a website when they click on your app. A website is not a mobile app, and your students will not be fooled. Mobile apps allow for more meaningful engagement, portability, and provide a better ergonomic browsing experience. In addition, the accessibility of a mobile app allows for more referrals and better access to content creation (i.e. photo uploads, social sharing etc).

3. You’re not using current design trends

Although this may sound superficial, app designs strongly effect the overall user experience. If you look at any popular mobile app on the market (i.e. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) you will notice how simplistic their designs have become in recent years. The minimalistic design of an app will avoid crowded content, and ensure a smooth, easy user experience. Both the Millennial and Gen Z groups are all about convenience and efficiency so you need to avoid a busy design.

4. You don’t have ‘refer a friend’

When growing an app on campus, your best marketing strategy is ‘word of mouth,’ and your tool is your students. The idea behind ‘refer a friend’ is to provide students with incentives to encourage their friends to sign up too. An example of this would be ‘$5 in meal plan credit if you share with 5 friends.’  There is no one a student trusts more than another student.

5. You don’t have a loyalty program

Having a loyalty and rewards feature on your Campus Branded App provides you with endless marketing opportunities, and the ability to drive student behaviour. In addition, Gen Z students are all about how you can benefit THEM, and a loyalty program is all about the benefits. This multi-faceted system is such a simple way to reward students for their loyalty to their continued use of the app..

6. Your marketing strategy is outdated

Gone are the days of posters and signs—students simply do not respond to that kind of marketing any more. In order to engage students, you need to develop a marketing strategy that involves them and seamlessly integrates into their daily life. In addition, the attention span of a Gen Z student lasts a staggering  8 seconds, so you need to be strategic and you need to be fast. To learn more about how to market to your students, click here.

7. You don’t have enough utility

When offering a mobile app to students, you need to ensure it is available to everyone and works everywhere. Examples include making sure the app works on all devices, that it is offered to all students, not just an isolated group, and ensuring features are available everywhere (I.e. if you are going to offer mobile ordering, it can’t just be available at one dining location.)

8. It’s a one-trick pony

When looking into possible app solutions for your campus, you have to ask yourself, is this something that another company could add to their product or is it a stand-alone feature? Take Snapchat for example, the core of their product is the ‘stories’ feature. Instagram was able to take this and add it to their own product to create ‘Instagram Stories.’ The same goes for campuses. Why would you ask students to download a mobile app only for mobile ordering, when you can offer a campus-branded enterprise app that includes mobile ordering along with many other features? Plus, students only have to download it once. To learn more about why enterprise is better, click here.

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