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Campus Food Lockers

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Campus food lockers are something we’ve been hearing about a lot lately here at Hangry. We currently offer integrations with two campus food locker providers – Panasonic and Apex – with more integrations forthcoming.

Campus Food Lockers – Convenient and Secure

There are lots of benefits of offering smart lockers for campus food services. Convenience and security are major benefits, as are the minimization of contact points and reduction of crowding in busy spaces like food service locations.

When it comes to convenience, avoiding long lines is something most customers would appreciate. By using campus food lockers, you’re able to allow quick grab and go service to your customers. The compact design of these locker systems is also a great way to service more customers, without taking up too much space from your existing operations.

Security is another consideration. Many times, grab and go stations lead to order mix-ups. With a smart locker, access is only granted to the customer with a corresponding order code. This ensures the right customer gets their order, eliminating order confusion and customer service complaints.

Keep It Contactless

Especially nowadays, contactless pickup has become increasingly important. With smart lockers, staff can load up the orders and only then are customers notified to come pick up. There are also several two-sided models available, with staff loading on one side and customers accessing the front side for pick up. These allow for zero interference between staff and customer pickup, which supports contactless service. It also allows for more efficiency as staff are able to load orders without bumping into customers trying to pick up their orders. In addition, customers can quickly pick up their food and be on their merry way – reducing crowding in notoriously busy food service areas.

With lockers typically stacking vertically, it’s a compact way to add hardware without taking up too much space. Many companies offer various locker styles for specific needs. These range from small counter top lockers or a full wall of double sided models. Along with the hardware, there is also plentiful data that comes with the technology which can help ensure optimal operational flow. Ease of use and an array of benefits seem to indicate that smart lockers are here to stay! If you’re interested in a locker integration, reach out with the request demo button below.

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