October 22, 2017 Hangry

Campus Mobile Apps – Why Your Brand is Better

Student’s are all about their phones, and campuses are eventually going to need to keep up with the fast-moving pace of the mobile world– and there are two different directions you can take.

You can work with multiple different mobile solutions, asking you students to download all these apps for all different reasons (mobile ordering, parking, book reserves etc). Or, you can choose a campus branded app loaded with everything you need to cater to your students needs. And the best part? Its your brand. Because the students will trust their institution first.

Your app, your brand.

Hangry’s flexible technology provides your campus dining or auxiliary services with its own personalized, branded dining app. With this feature, you are able to continually grow your campus dining services all under one umbrella—one medium between you and your students. By using a campus branded application, you will see two times faster adoption and three times higher retention compared to a third-party branded app. Your campus brand is important to us, so we’ve also created a seamless integration with existing on-campus marketing strategies.

The cost of user acquisition in the mobile app space is tremendously high. In fact, the cost of acquiring users for games and apps is up a scary 113% from 2015, putting the number at around $3. The problem is, there are millions and millions of apps and it is extremely expensive to get someone to download what you want. That is what brings us to our point; the market is moving towards providing mobile apps to solve solutions for enterprises- and this includes higher education.  77% of people are considered brand loyal to the association they belong to, and this is why choosing a campus branded app, encompassing everything you need is the best option.

It is significantly easier to get a student to download an app that is branded to the association they belong to as opposed to an app they’ve never heard of. Why? because they trust you, and they trust your brand. Hangry gives you the platform to tell us what you want for your students. We tailor the app to you and your students needs– but we white label it. It’s not the Hangry app– it’s your app.

To learn more about the Hangry Campus Branded App, click here.

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