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Capacity Management via Dining Hall Reservations

Capacity Management in Dining Halls

As campuses move to reopen for fall, there are considerations to be made when it comes to dining halls. The usual model of all you can eat, allowing anyone in at any time, is not likely to work out in the near future. This is where capacity management comes in. Using technology, such as our app, can help with maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Capacity Management In Action – Overview

  1. Student reserves a time spot ahead in the app with payment. The algorithm will space out reservations based on the configured parameters.
  2. Student arrives at scheduled time and scans the receipt QR code (unique per transaction). If they don’t arrive we can auto cancel based on parameters. We can block early check in if they try to show up too early.
  3. If dining hall is at capacity (configurable parameter), then the scan will be rejected and the student is asked to wait.
  4. The students enters the dining hall on successful scan and the current capacity count increases. Campus can set how long each reservation is (e.g. 30 min). The tablet screen will count down from that allowed time and flash when it hits zero.
  5. The system can be configured for automatic reminder push notifications: before, during, and after reservation time.
  6. Student scans the same QR code to leave and they are checked out. Capacity count is decreased.
  7. They can also track walk in traffic in the virtual queue by clicking a button on the tablet to add or remove a walk in user.
  8. We have the data to do density mapping; we can get granular with point in time data.
  9. Any QR code can be rendered on the receipt and use it for check in. Ideally it is unique per reservation, not just unique per student. Then, if they book multiple reservations we know which one they are checking in to.

Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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