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Contest Statuses

Contest statuses can be changed at anytime. The available statuses for a contest include: hidden, visible, ready to draw, drawn, and distributed. If a contest is being created it will say preparing.

We recommend that you always proceed with caution when updating the contest statuses. If there are users currently entered, then it’s even more important to keep this in mind. For example, let’s say users have already entered to win a prize. The spots are filling up much more slowly than anticipated. As a result, a possible solution is to hide the contest and reevaluate. If you were to make such a change at that point, think how upset the users that had already entered would be! The initial users put in a large amount of points, and suddenly the contest is no longer visible. The result would be many unhappy users.

In order to avoid this, administrators need to ensure they are paying close attention to the contest parameters. Before releasing a contest in the store, ensure all the details make sense.


  1. Click Loyalty on the left toolbar.
  2. Next, click on the contest you’d like to change the status of.
  3. Move to the section to the right and scroll-down until you see Edit Contest.
  4. From the Visibility scroll-down, you can switch the contest to Hidden or Visible.


  1. Click loyalty on the left toolbar.
  2. Next, click on the contest that is marked drawn.
  3. Then, move to the section to the right and at the very top click the green button labeled, mark as distributed.
  4. If the contest was marked as distributed and you’d like to unmark it, the button will say unmark as distributed and you can click that.


If the contest is labelled ready to draw and you’d like to draw a winner, head over to our tutorial on How to Draw a Contest Winner now.


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