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Communicate with Message Automations

Send the right message to the right user, at the right time. With Message Automations, you can select a user or transaction event that when triggered will send a user a specific notification. Message automations are a fantastic way to set up regular touch points with end users. An ever growing drop-down select list has options including: new registration, user online inactivity, transaction with specific items, transaction rated, total dollars spent, and more!

The trigger will also add the user to an automatically-managed segment that can be applied to restrict objects, such as: inbox messages, promos & campaigns, menu sections, locations, etc. With message automations, touch points will be predetermined so each time a new user satisfies the trigger, your process to get in touch with them is already put in place.


How Can Automated Messages Be Used?

As an example, let’s look at a user registration. First, set the notification to be sent one hour after a new user registers. The user will be automatically added to the linked segment when the notification is sent. This segment can be applied to a welcome inbox message. You can even use {firstname} in the automated notification and in the inbox message to personalize the communication!


Another example can be customer service related: send a notification saying ‘sorry’ when a transaction is rated below a three. The user will again be automatically added to a linked segment when the event is triggered. Then, the segment to an automatic campaign so they get $5.00 off their next purchase. Also assign the segment to an inbox message describing the campaign details and thanking them.

Example 3: Send a congratulations notification when a user completes their 100th transaction. Apply the automatically linked segment to an inbox message celebrating the order. Use {firstname} to personalize the inbox message. Apply the segment to a ‘secret’ menu section that will be unlocked once the user completes this automation.


Watch our detailed video below:


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