September 4, 2018 Hangry

How To: Configure a Service Fee [Optional]

It’s important to note that Hangry DOES NOT recommend adding a service fee to your mobile orders. Having said that, the feature is available on the dashboard if needed.


  1. Click Menus on the left toolbar.
  2. Click Restaurants at the top of the screen.
  3. Select your desired restaurant location.
  4. Move over to the section to the right and click Show Advanced.
  5. Enter in your desired Service Fee, Minimum & Maximum. 
  6. Click Update.

Once you click update, a service fee will be added to all mobile orders moving forward. If you will like to set a Flat Service Fee, ensure both the min and max are set to the same amount.

Takeout Fee Subtotal Percentage (divided by 1000). e.g. 50 = 5% fee.
Min & Max in cents. (e.g. 100 = $1.00)



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