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Corporate Mobile App to Enhance Employee Wellness

Employee Workshop and Initiatives

With Hangry’s loyalty and rewards feature, you can house all your employee wellness initiatives, and reward employees for participation and loyalty. What do we mean by this? Well, Hangry’s point-based loyalty program allows you to place point values on anything within the app.

This can include ordering food, rating/reviewing, and eating at certain office locations. But that is just the beginning; this point-based system works for any wellness initiative. Some examples include, earning points for carpooling (you could create a program where employees track pollution avoided), earning points for participating in workshops or company events, or even bringing a water bottle into work and participating in sustainability. The beauty of this program is that the options are endless. Once the points are earned, employees are able to redeem them for prizes in your company rewards store (all housed within your app). This rewards store is another valuable way to promote wellness initiatives, and company-driven experiences or company branded retail. Some examples could include; winning a prime parking spot for a month, free coffee for week, company products and so much more.

With Hangry’s corporate branded app; all your company wellness offerings and initiatives are housed in one place, and can be accessed by all employees at any time. With our points-based system, you are able to provide incentive to your employees to participate in company wellness. Our multi-faceted software enterprise has one goal – to provide the ultimate employee experience.

Dining and Healthy Eating

Through Hangry’s loyalty and rewards feature, your office is able to reward employees every time they make healthier meal choices—and the options are endless. Every time an employee makes a healthy meal choice they are rewarded points, which can then be redeemed for rewards like parking spaces, or company merchandise. Here are some ways to drive healthier eating habits in the office:

Points on Specific Items
If you choose to use Hangry’s corporate mobile platform, you are then able to place a higher amount of points on healthy food options. Therefore, if an employee orders a healthier meal through mobile ordering, they will be awarded a higher amount of points.

Checking Calories/ Total Calorie In-Take
Award employees points every time they check their calorie totals within your corporate branded app. Points can also be awarded for total calorie in-take.

Giving Feedback and Taking Surveys
Surveys based on healthy eating can be provided through your corporate branded app. Employees will be rewarded points if they complete the survey. In addition, your mobile app can also provide a feedback option, and you can award points to employees every time they give feedback on a meal.

Ultimately, the Hangry loyalty and rewards feature for mobile dining puts corporate dining and wellness services in the driver’s seat. By driving employee behaviour, the capabilities for encouraging healthy eating are endless.

Increase Productivity

With Hangry, you’re able to order food from your mobile device – giving you complete line bypass. The mobile app will inform you when your order is ready to be picked up, and you can go grab it! Avoiding lines provides you with a full lunch break, and more than enough time to enjoy your meal. This much-needed disconnection from your work-load will allow you to return to your desk more focused and energized.

In addition, when you’re busy at work this might incline you to ignore lunch altogether because you simply don’t have time. According to the Washington Post , “Over time, ignoring hunger cues can dim them, making it harder to figure out if you’re actually hungry even during more relaxed times.” Although we understand work can sometimes not be ignored, mobile ordering can also fit into the busiest of work days. Our system allows you to order food from your office cafeteria, and deliver it to your desk. This feature ensures you are not waiting in any lines, but still receive the hot food you were craving.  “Taking a break—even for 15 minutes—is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day” (fastcompany).

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