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Campus Food Safety Amid COVID-19

As the world continues to take steps to mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak, food service providers and campuses are also making changes. Campuses that are not fully shut down are taking precautions to protect their staff and students against COVID-19. Some of their efforts are outlined below.

Don’t Touch!

Having areas that are high traffic both in terms of people and physical touch is currently a big no-no. We’ve seen campuses remove their options for grab and go. There would simply be far too many touch points on those areas. The same idea applies to self serve stations. Food service providers are better off having designated staff dishing out any items. This way, they can control who touches the items, as well as the effort that goes into safety practices including wearing protective gear such as gloves.

Limited Choices

We’re also seeing campuses limit the choices of food items, opting for smaller set menus in many instances. This likely reduces the amount of staff needed to prepare items. It also reduces the amount of people interacting with various food items. Additionally, there is an uptick in offering boxed meals. These can be pre-built and handed out for purchase in dining locations, or they can likely be delivered to those on meal plans to more fully adhere to social distancing protocols.

Tech Help

In addition to limiting touch points on campus, there is also the option to use technology. Having a mobile app solution in order to have staff and students place orders and either pick them up or have them delivered is a real benefit. Not only does it cut back on people touching food items, it can aid in deterring people from hanging around in common areas. Simply make all food locations pick up or delivery only. Additionally, with transactions being done via the app, less people are needed to man POS stations. Furthermore, this can reduce interactions with high touch surfaces like POS terminals.

If your campus does not currently have a mobile app deployed, reach out to your food service and campus card providers. Many of them have technology that you can deploy, or they can refer a third party company. Everyone is looking for ways to mitigate the current COVID-19 outbreak, and there are lots of people and companies helping each other through this trying time.

Stay healthy, stay safe.


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