April 13, 2020 Hangry

Create Combos

We’ve recently released a new feature, allowing clients to create combos within the menus for their mobile app. To learn how you can utilize this feature, check out the step by step instructions and view the tutorial video below.

A few things to keep in mind before we get into the details:

  1. As a rule, combos should be done last. The entire menu should be completed, and then you can link those items into combos.
  2. There are two options for displaying price. The first option is at the combo item level – you can set the price as a whole for a sandwich combo and once you get to the different options, set the individual items to zero. The second option is to leave the combo base price at zero, and set the prices at the individual item level (i.e. sandwich, side, drink).


  1. First, go to the menu section and choose the restaurant you’ll be working on.
  2. Create a section dedicated to combos.
  3. Add items for combo options – e.g. Sandwich Combo, Salad Combo.
  4. Create option groups from within item combo – e.g. Select a Sandwich, Select a Side, Select a Drink. Ensure that each of these groups have “is combo group” set to YES.
  5. Once you click into each option group to get to the modifier level, you can select all the possible options from the left side drop down list.
  6. Continue this process for all option lists. Verify your selections in the app to ensure the combos display accurately.




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