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How To: Disable / Delete a User

The ability to disable or delete a user is a key feature on our dashboard. The feature can solve minor issues, like when a user signs up with the wrong email, or more major issues like when a user tries to abuse the mobile app (i.e. using a fake credit card or trying to sign up with multiple different emails). In any situation, the dashboard allows you to disable or delete a user quickly, avoiding any immediate or future problems.


  1. Click Users on the left tool bar.
  2. Click User Explorer at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the user you’d like to disable / delete.
  4. Move to the ‘details’ section on the right, and scroll down until you see Delete User and Disable User in red boxes.
  5. Click on the desired box to complete the action.

This feature is also ideal for immediate tech support. Often times, a user will want to delete their account for privacy reasons, or because they didn’t sign up properly (i.e. wrong email or phone number).  We’ve also seen campus situations where students have graduated, and no longer want the mobile app on their phone. For these reasons and any others, we’ve made the disabling/deleting process simple and quick.

What’s the difference between disabling and deleting?

Disabling is a temporary action. For example, if you find suspicious activity on an account, you can temporarily disable the user while you find a solution to the problem. Deleting is a permanent action and is used when you want the account removed completely.


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