January 24, 2019 Hangry

Drive Traffic to Campus Dining Locations with Hangry’s Bonus Points

Do you have new campus dining location? Or perhaps a campus dining location that requires a little bit of extra love? 

With Hangry’s mobile ordering platform, you can apply bonus points to restaurant locations in order to influence and drive behaviour. This feature allows your users to earn extra points every time they order from that specific campus dining location. Once they’ve earned these extra points, they can then be redeemed for prizes in the mobile rewards store. There are many different ways that you can use this feature to your advantage. For example, you can apply bonus points to new menu items that you really want your users to try. You can even add a ton of bonus points on menu items that haven’t been succeeding or need a little extra love, and of course what we’re discussing today– restaurants.

Your mobile app will indicate which restaurants offer extra points with the bonus points indicator. From here, once your users have ordered, they will earn that additional amount of points since they ordered from that restaurant. This can be used as a promotional tool for new dining locations, or as a marketing tool to drive more traffic to existing dining locations. A great example of this is campus locations that have smaller dining locations in certain buildings that experience a lower amount of traffic. By adding bonus points to the restaurant, you can provide incentive to your users if they choose to order there.

To learn how easy it is to apply extra bonus points to dining locations, take a look at our dashboard tutorial:

To learn more about the other ways bonus points can be applied, take a look at some of our other tutorials.

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