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Encourage Healthy Eating in Offices

Hangry’s corporate office mobile ordering allows you to order food from your phone and have it delivered directly to your desk. In addition, if you feel like going for a walk Hangry also provides you the option to go down to your office café and pick up your food while completely avoiding the line. The best part? Hangry notifies you every step of the way; when your order is received, when it’s being prepared, and when it’s ready to pick up.

This allows you to order food from your desk, during a meeting, in the bathroom, or even on your way to work. Today, we want to discuss how this mobile platform can improve healthy eating in the workplace.

Hangry has developed a loyalty and rewards program for mobile dining that allows you to reward points to your employees for completing certain tasks. Although this may sound similar to a game, it actually acts as the catalyst for driving employee behaviour and is an essential tool for marketing.

How to Encourage Healthy Eating

Through Hangry’s loyalty and rewards feature, your office is able to reward employees every time they make healthier meal choices—and the options are endless. Every time an employee makes a healthy meal choice they are awarded points. Those points can then be redeemed for rewards like parking spaces, or company merchandise. Here is a list we have compiled of ways to drive healthier eating habits in the office:

Points on Specific Items

If you choose to use Hangry’s corporate ‘mobile ordering’, you are then able to place a higher amount of points on healthy food options. Therefore, if an employee orders a healthier meal through mobile ordering, they will be awarded a higher amount of points.

Checking Calories/ Total Calorie In-Take

Award employees points every time they check their calorie total on your Corporate Branded App. Points can also be rewarded for total calorie in-take.

Giving Feedback and Taking Surveys

Surveys based on healthy eating can be provided through your Corporate Branded App. Employees will be rewarded points if they complete the survey. In addition, your mobile app can also provide a feedback option. You can also award points to employees every time they give feedback on a meal.

Ultimately, The Hangry Loyalty and Rewards feature for mobile dining puts corporate dining and wellness services in the driver’s seat. By driving employee behaviour, the capabilities for encouraging healthy eating are endless.

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