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Workplace Productivity with a Corporate Mobile App

It’s easy to tell yourself, ‘I am going to take a full lunch break today’ or ‘I am going to eat healthy this week’. But once your work-day starts, meetings and deadlines start to pile up and taking the time to eat a nutritious meal while enjoying your lunch-break gets thrown on the back burner.

That is why a corporate mobile app with food ordering is what you need. It will get your food fast, encourage healthier choices, and ultimately make you more productive.

Make a Positive Change

The Washington Post states, “consciously disconnecting from work in the middle of your day can give you an energy boost and make your afternoon go more smoothly. If possible, eat lunch somewhere other than your desk — preferably outside, weather permitting, where you can get a dose of sunlight and fresh air.” With Hangry’s corporate mobile app, you are able to order food from your mobile device giving you complete line by-pass. The mobile app will inform you when you’re order is ready to pick up, and you can go grab it! Avoiding lines provides you with a full lunch break, and more than enough time to enjoy your meal. This much-needed disconnection from your work-load will allow you to return to your desk more focused and energized.

In addition, when you’re busy at work this might incline you to ignore lunch altogether because you simply don’t have time. According to the same study above, “[o]ver time, ignoring hunger cues can dim them, making it harder to figure out if you’re actually hungry even during more relaxed times.” Although we understand work can sometimes not be ignored, mobile ordering can also fit into the busiest of work days. Our system allows you to order food from your office cafeteria, and delivery is to your desk. This feature ensures you are not waiting in any lines, but still receive the hot food you were craving.  “Taking a break—even for 15 minutes—is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels through the day,” (fastcompany).

Health Matters

Finally, with Hangry’s corporate mobile ordering you can not only get your food faster, but you can make healthier choices. Through our dietary filtering and nutrition features, you are able to see an entire caloric breakdown of all office cafeteria menus. As a result, you can make health-conscious food decisions by filtering out what you don’t want. This can include dietary preferences like vegan, or allergy concerns. Healthier work-place meals are another way to increase productivity and stay focused at your desk.

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