June 18, 2018 Hangry

Entrepreneur vs. Wantrepreneur – Founder Edition

Our Founder, Fabian Raso, sat down today to discuss his clear identifiers between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur. Pulling from his years of experience in the tech-based startup world, this is what he had to share:

Wantrepreneurs like to keep it safe, Entrepreneurs will take the risk.

First and foremost, when it comes to getting a startup going, I want people to know that I think being naïve is a good thing—it’s part of the process. However, entrepreneurs are naïve in the sense that they want to see success, but they know they need to take big risks to get there. Conversely, Wantrepreneurs are naïve in the sense that they think they can sit on the fence, and wait for something special to happen to them without ever going all in. This, as you might assume, won’t get you very far.


Entrepreneurs want to do the work, Wantrepreneurs want the work done for them.

I know entrepreneurs can’t speak enough about sacrifice, but it’s really the truth. I don’t work a 9 to 5, I work a 7 to midnight. Wantrepreneurs (especially in the tech realm) will outsource the development and say to themselves “perfect, this company can run on it’s own while I continue going to my day job.” And the reality is, unless you have a sh*t-ton of funding, this will never work out. 99 percent of startups fail, and if you think you can outsource your development and sit pretty, you’re in for a rude awakening. Why? Because the second a problem arises, it’s your name on the line, not your outsourced development team.


Entrepreneurs want to see the business succeed, Wantrepreneurs want to see their image succeed.

Wantrepreneurs like to play “startup.” They like to go on social media, create a Facebook page, share articles, and tell their friends about their business. It’s so easy these days to incorporate a company, or outsource an app. Someone will come up with an idea for a product, put up a website on WordPress, and call it a startup. This isn’t the same as a company with a full-time founder, and a real product that solves a real problem. Unfortunately, Wantrepreneurs like this are the reason “Yeah I run a startup,” doesn’t elicit a response anymore.

 Partnerships: Are you working with a Wantrepreneur?

Fabian’s 6 surefire ways to spot a Wantrepreneur:

  1. Can’t wake up on time: they aren’t on an organized schedule, are constantly sleeping in, and think they can work their own flexible hours.
  2. Procrastinate: an obvious trait, but an important trait none the less. Procrastination means their daily tasks are not a priority.
  3. Rescheduling meetings: Wantrepreneurs have this false sense of control, like they can make meetings and cancel them whenever they want because they own a company.
  4. They always say “it’s not my fault”: if it’s your company, you must take the blame.
  5. Constantly telling people they own a startup: a clear indicator of a Wantrepreneur, they are desperate for people to know what they’ve created.
  6. Put themselves before their employees: if they take a paycheck before paying their employees, or prioritize their needs over the people who work for them, then they shouldn’t be on your team.


Final Thoughts:

I feel like that was such a serious chat. Let everyone know that Denny (Fabian’s seven year old cat) is doing well, and is out on the porch lying in the sun getting a cat tan. That’s what a startup is about, letting your cat sun bathe on your balcony while you sit inside coding.


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