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Campus Food Service Improvements

When it comes to food service, your biggest priority is always going to be the student experience. You want to ensure you are providing great food quickly, with exceptional customer service. In order to do that, you need to know what the students want, and what they want to see change. The following list highlights 3 of the biggest frustrations students experience when ordering food on campus.

Food Options

As healthier lifestyles become more popular on campus (especially vegan and vegetarian trends), a quick burger and fries is no longer the norm.. It’s 2018, and students want more options, and they want those options available to them 24/7. With Hangry’s Mobile Platform, students are able to filter out meal options based on their dietary preferences or concerns. For example, if a student is looking for vegan options, they can filter out all non-vegan options through the Hangry app and choose meals based on an entirely vegan-filtered menu.

Waiting in Line

It’s hard to avoid a long food lines on campus, especially during peak hours. This causes students to seek off-campus options, especially if the locations are close and they can receive their food faster. In 2018, campus mobile ordering is no longer an option, but a necessity when it comes to the student dining experience. Mobile ordering allows students to order food directly from their phone. With Hangry’s mobile ordering platform, students immediately receive line by-pass when they order, allowing the student to order from anywhere on campus. The mobile app will then notify them when their order is ready to pick up. Hangry’s mobile ordering algorithm also ensures better operational flow in the kitchen, less prep mistakes, and helps guarantee orders are ready on time.


The ‘starving student’ analogy couldn’t be a more accurate description of today’s educational demographic— they want food at all times but their wallets are tight. Lowering prices of food seems like the first option to mitigate this problem. However, there are more strategic ways to address the issue. A mobile loyalty program is a great way to reward students for dining, and help save them money. Hangry’s loyalty program rewards students with points every time they order or perform actions in the app, like browsing a menu. These points can then be redeemed for prizes in your campus rewards store.

Rewards can include free meals, free coffees, gift cards and more. Providing an incentive for students to order on campus will ultimately increase revenue, increase app activity, and keep your students dining on campus. Your mobile app can also be used to send push notifications to your students informing them of promotions, deals and free offers.


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