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Game-Changing University Cafeterias

High Point University

This University in North Carolina is the epitome of options. With an all-you-can-eat buffet at three of their dining locations, students get offerings like omelet stations, a trail-mix bar, and even a baked-potato bar (can we get those in our office please?).

In addition, if students are looking for fancier fare like seared duck breast or filet mignon, they can head over to 1924 Prime, the on-campus STEAK HOUSE!

University of Scranton

This campus is changing the game when it comes to campus health. When it comes time to eat, students are able to choose from an array of options based on their meal preferences. For example, students can choose meals that are under 500 calories, vegetarian, high in calcium, baked instead of friend, and so much more. In addition, when you’re just looking for something simple, this campus has a food court filled with every franchise favourite.


When it comes to dining events, you’re going to wish you went to Cornell. Get this: they host a NIGHT AT HOGWARTS, where you can get butterbeer, chocolate frogs and even see LIVE OWLS. They are also famous for their Sunday brunch, which features a ‘build-your-own’ pancake and omelet bar.

Johns Hopkins University

We’d like to start off by saying that Johns Hopkins hosts food and wine pairings for seniors. If that wasn’t enough, the residence halls offer cooking classes to encourage students to eat healthier on campus. In addition, this school plays the ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ by offering a monthly brunch that features a live jazz band. Menu options for this brunch include frittata’s, baked brie, shrimp cocktail and bananas foster!

University of Georgia

Five dining halls, four food courts – this campus dining behemoth has it all! From student favorites like late-night burgers and pizzas, to first-rate fare like eggplant parmesan; students are never missing out. In addition, this campus also offers a 24-hour dining hall whenever you’re pulling an all-nighter or coming home late from the… uh… library.

St. Olaf College

This campus is the definition of quality over quantity. With only one traditional dining hall, more than a quarter of their ingredients are from farm-to-fork vendors. A school’s dedication to sustainability is certainly commendable; and this campus is a front runner. In addition, this campus is so confident in their food that they open it up to the public.

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