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How to Get Students to Respond to Surveys

In order to create the ultimate student experience, campuses need to know what the student wants. However, standard surveys, suggestion boxes and substantial feedback are hard to come by—especially from students. This prevents campuses from making the necessary improvements to improve overall campus life. Here we’ll be listing 3 ways you can go about capturing valuable feedback.


1) Highlight the effectiveness of their participation

If students can directly see the results of survey participation, they might be inclined to partake as well. This can be done by posting results on social media, or with any medium that you know will generate high visibility. Using the Hangry Campus Branded app, you are able to send students push notifications directly to their phone which can include survey results, and how their feedback led to significant changes or improvements.

2) Provide Incentive

Millennials and GEN Z students are all about convenience, and what benefits they can receive. By providing incentive for filling out surveys, you will generate more participation and results. A great way to do this is through the Hangry Loyalty and Rewards feature. Through this feature, you can place points on virtually any action within your app. Therefore, you can reward students’ points every time they participate in a survey or review a product/service. These points can then be redeemed in your mobile rewards store for campus prizes and experiences. This double-edged sword allows you to increase student participation in surveys, and promote campus retail, events, etc. through your mobile rewards store.

3) Keep it Simple, and Part of the Student Experience

The best way to ensure a student will never fill out your survey is to make it long and filled with boring questions. If you want to ensure students will fill out a survey, you need to keep it brief and fly under the radar. How do we accomplish this? Well, your first step is to state your goals to the student. An example of this would be a survey titled, ‘Want your experience to be better next time? So do we. Let us help’. Letting them know you have their best interest at heart will cover your introduction (colloquial language is encouraged as it will give off a more personably approach). From there, you want to keep the survey very short and not too detailed.

Finally, you want to ensure the survey is blended into the student experience. With Hangry’s Campus Branded App, you are able to strategically place surveys right into the daily app usage of each student. The survey could come after a mobile ordering experience, or it could be advertised as a content to earn points or meal plan credit.


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