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Mobile App Contests

Mobile app contests are what are going to bring your users back to your app. What seems like a simple add-on for mobile ordering is actually a multi-functioning tool that can easily increase the success of your mobile app. The introduction of contests to your users can drive behavior, increase engagement and is even a key marketing tool for your users.

Drive Behavior

Contests are where your users get to use their points. Therefore, if your prizes are enticing enough you can encourage users to earn more points on your app so they have more chances of entering into a contest. For example, let’s say you really want to promote a new dining location. Well, you can set up a contest for football game tickets and set the entry at 500 points. From here, you can let your users know that if they order from this new dining location, they will earn DOUBLE the points that will allow them to put in more entries to your contest.

Increase engagement

Mobile ordering will bring users to your app, but contests will make them stay longer. Contests will also encourage users to constantly check back to see what new things they can enter into, or if they’ve won a prize. The best part about contests is that in order to enter in them, you need points. And in order to earn points, you need to USE the app. Enticing prizes will encourage users to explore the app and find new ways to earn points.


Contests are your billboard when it comes to merchandise, experiences, discounts and more. Perhaps a campus has a new sweater that was just launched at their gift shop—they can make it a prize in their rewards store! Or maybe you really want your users to attend an on-location event—make tickets to the event a prize! This is a page that users are constantly going to be checking, making it a perfect marketing opportunity.

You are in control

At the end of the day, you are creating your rewards store. You determine what prizes to give away, how many entries are required, and how many points the prizes are worth! Contests can be added at any time, and winners can be drawn at any time from the dashboard. To learn how you can create your own contests using the Hangry Dashboard, watch the tutorial below:

How to Add a Contest:

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