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Hangry’s Merchant Tablet for your Kitchens

As apart of Hangry’s mobile ordering platform, each dining location will receive a tablet. On the merchant tablet they can manually view and control orders and order statuses. Once a mobile user places their order, the kitchen will receive a notification on the merchant tablet to start prepping their order. From here, there are many different capabilities the kitchen has during the mobile ordering process.

Refund an Order 

When it comes to mobile ordering, or any form of ordering, there is always a time when a refund needs to be made. Hangry has made the ability to perform a refund quick and easy from the merchant tablet to ensure optimal customer service. Giving the dining staff the ability to perform a refund (with manager password) allows for quick and on-location problem solving.

Mark an Order as ‘Ready for Pickup’

Although the process is very simple, it is one of the most necessary steps of the mobile ordering process. Once a user has completed their mobile order, it is the kitchen’s responsibility to mark it as ‘Ready to Pickup’ once they’ve finished preparing it. Without this step, the user’s won’t know when to head to the pickup station to receive their order.

Update Item Statuses

The ability to turn menu items and ingredients ON/OFF is essential to the mobile ordering process. Through this feature, you are able to immediately turn an item off if you’ve run out. Likewise, you can turn it back on if you’ve restocked. Updating any menu statuses from the merchant tablet will immediately update on the mobile app in real-time.

Return an Order Back to the Queue

During busy dining hours there are going to be some rare occasions where the kitchen either makes a mistake preparing an order, or someone marks an order as complete when it isn’t. In this case, the merchant tablet has a feature that allows you to return an order back to queue.

Remind a User That Their Order is Ready

As much as we try to avoid it, there are always going to be those forgetful users who don’t show up to the pickup station. Perhaps they forgot they ordered something, or maybe they’re running a little late. In any case, we have created a feature that allows you to remind your users that their order is ready and waiting at the pickup station for them.

Manually Turn Off Restaurant Location 

During dining hours, your kitchen staff will always have access to the manual turn-off from their on-location tablet. This can be used in the case of an emergency, holiday, ordering issues, testing, etc.

Increase Estimated Pickup Time

Although we always want to ensure a seamless mobile ordering experience, there are sometimes going to be days where mistakes happen or your kitchen is experiencing an abnormally high amount of orders. In this case, Hangry has created a feature on the merchant tablet that allows you to send a notification to your user letting them know you’ve added a bit of extra time to their order.

Browse Order History

The Order History window of the merchant tablet is displays all the orders being made through your app. Once in that window, you can view previous orders, perform refunds, return orders to the queue and more.

Manually Put a Restaurant into ‘Busy Mode’

Hangry’s ‘busy mode’ feature is essential to the mobile ordering process. This is because it allows the kitchen to add an extra few minutes to their prep time during peak dining hours. For example: the kitchen may experience a large amount of orders right after a football game, and need more time to make meals. They can switch to ‘busy mode’ which will add an extra, pre-determined amount of minutes to the original pick-up time.

Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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