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Keep Track of Employee Activity with Hangry’s Dashboard Events Feature

Hangry’s intuitive dashboard allows you to make daily changes to your campuses mobile ordering process right from your desk. This includes restaurant functions like menu changes and adding new items. Operational functions like restaurant hours and item availability. Even marketing functions like sending push notifications and creating contests. In addition to all these functions, you also have the ability to grant access to specific staff members and provide them with different permissions based on their role. This is where our dashboard events feature comes in.

What are dashboard events?

Great question. Dashboard events are essentially a list of all the actions being made by each of your staff members on the dashboard. With this feature, user activity is tracked from the moment they log in. As a result, user actions taken on the dashboard after that are tracked until they log out.

What are the benefits to dashboard events?

User Accountability: dashboard events encourage appropriate user behaviour. This can prevent improper use of information and leaves users accountable for their actions during their time on the dashboard.

Proof of Events: the ability to look back on previous dashboard actions is handy for multiple different reasons. Consequently this kind of visibility can aid in problem detection and prevent issues in the future.

Discover Best Practices: dashboard events provide an in-depth schedule of actions for each user. By analyzing these logs you can learn the most efficient ways to get processes done. Therefore, this ensures users are taking the appropriate steps to complete tasks. It also improves efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps.

The Details

Hangry’s dashboard events feature logs a ton of great details. With each dashboard event, you are able to see the date of session, the key actions performed during that session, what priority that session took, the duration, and the number of events that occurred during. These details are essential when getting an in-depth look at each user’s activities. For example, if a student requested a refund but it never went through, you are able to go back into your dashboard events, find out who performed the refund and find what possible mistake they made that would prevent a user from receiving their refund.

How does it work?

Get an in-depth look at the Dashboard Events feature on the dashboard and how it is used with Hangry’s dashboard tutorials:

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