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Launching Your Campus Branded App – The Basics

Make all Locations Available on Your Campus Branded App

In order to create the ultimate dining experience for your students, you want to ensure all locations are available. If a student can read only certain menus, this decreases the chance of them downloading your app.

All available restaurant menus can be sent to us, and we will upload them for you. This should include hours of operations, and dietary alternatives (vegan, vegetarian, halal, gluten etc). To learn more about how Hangry caters to all dietary preferences on campus, click here.

Your Rewards Store Should Be Fully Stocked

Giving students an incentive to download your app will increase usage significantly. In order to launch a successful Loyalty and Rewards program, you need to ensure you have a decent bank of potential prizes. This should include gift cards, add-ons (i.e free coke, free side of french fries), campus store merchandise and event passes. You can also work with your dedicated success coach to learn ways to use your rewards store as a potential marketing opportunity. Some examples include coupons to new dining locations on campus, new items you’d like to promote from your campus gift store, special event tickets like sports and theatre events, and many more.  Your success coaches have knowledge on what incentives work and what don’t, so they’re a great resource for ideas.

Menu and Management Training

In order to successfully launch your campus branded app, staff (including management) should be trained on basic menu operations. For example, in order to make small menu changes (turning an item off, changing an item price, etc) at least one dining location staff member should be trained in order to make on-the-fly changes. Management should also be trained on basic back-end operations like rewards store changes, push messaging, and location hours of operations. It is important to remember that your dedicated success coach will be with you during the entire training process, and will also have remote access to all the actions stated above. Therefore, if you ever need a quick menu change or training re-cap, your success coach will be more than happy to lend a hand!

Hangry is the most flexible campus mobile platform for auxiliary and dining services. We provide university and colleges with their own campus branded app to enrich the student experience across all of their auxiliary services.

Your App. Your Brand.

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