October 27, 2017 Hangry

Launching Mobile Ordering – Phase Two

When launching mobile ordering on campus, Hangry suggests a ‘phased’ process to ensure seamless integration and smooth operations. In phase one, we discussed getting your staff aligned and starting slow at a few locations as opposed to all over campus. If you missed phase one, click here.

In phase two, we start to get the ball rolling a little bit more by adding more mobile ordering locations. Phase two is also the perfect opportunity to try out the loyalty program (go beyond food). Our loyalty system allows you to place points on essentially any action with your app. These points can then be redeemed for prizes in the rewards store which acts as an essential marketing tool. Great starting points for loyalty include event tickets, athletic centre entry, book store prizes, points for printing, points for attending class, parking and so much more.

Phase 2 is also your opportunity to use loyalty to drive student behaviour. By placing points on certain actions, you are able to take control of how your students are using your app. Placing points on actions is a great way to do this, but we can dive even more specifically into what you want from your students with the use of gamification challenges.

The Fundamentals

The way challenges work on the Hangry campus branded app are very simply. A student will start at level 1, and once they complete three challenges they will move on to level 2. Once they are at level 2, you must complete four challenges to get to level 3, and so on. The great thing about leveling up, is that each level acts as a multiplier. Using the example of mobile ordering, as a student levels up, instead of earning 10 points for every dollar, they’ll earn 20 points for every dollar. This continues to increase as they move up the levels. But most importantly, challenges can be made for really any action on the app. Some of the main categories Hangry already offers include:

  • Opening a message
  • Re-ordering
  • Rating an order
  • Completing surveys
  • Referring a friend
  • Open the App on consecutive days

A great way to get students used to the challenge process is to introduce it with simple actions. Hangry suggests including challenges like add a payment, or add a profile picture to get students familiar with the gamification process.

You are in Charge

The best aspect to our challenge feature, is that you are in charge of your own app and how you drive student behavior. For example, if you’d like to promote certain items you can prompt students to ‘order this item to complete a challenge’, or ‘order at this specific restaurant to complete a challenge’. With this kind of power, you are not only able to keep students coming back to your app but you are also able to guide the students in any direction you please—whether that be new products, new concepts, events on campus and more.

Easy, Efficient, and Intriguing

Challenges will keep your students coming back if they know they are getting something out of it. By placing challenges on certain actions, you are able to promote items, new locations, test new features on the app and more all while rewarding your students for participating. In addition, this gamification process is all happening on the back end and requires no further action for you or the student. On the mobile app, students are able to see what level they are, and the points they are earning. On the back end; Hangry has an algorithm set in place that makes it easy for you to place challenges on any action, and ultimately drive behavior for your dining and auxiliary services.

Read about the entire phasing-in process here!

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