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Launching Mobile Ordering – Phase One

When launching mobile ordering on campus, Hangry suggests a phased process to ensure seamless integration and smooth operations. Although we’d love to launch mobile ordering all over the campus at once, its important to get staff familiar with the process, and ensure you start slow—because popularity will grow fast.

Align Your Operations

In this phase your ultimate priority is to get all staff aligned. This doesn’t just include the kitchen staff. You also need to include your operations, accounting, IT and management staff. This is a must in order for the mobile processes to work seamlessly. We suggest starting off with a few ordering locations to ensure the program is successful. It’s all about walking before you run, and we’ve seen success with this approach at other campuses. In addition to starting off small, you also want to begin with restaurants that are going to be operationally the smoothest.

As we’ve previously mentioned, a location like Subway is ideal. That’s because it’s already set up like an assembly line. We would seamlessly integrate by having an order come in at the beginning of the order-taking line. The order would print out as if they are the next person in line. The staff member would then take the printed order and pass it down the assembly line to be prepared. We encourage this process to be a soft rollout. Each item has a specific prep time, which can be adjusted. Through this roll out process, you can determine whether any adjustments need to be made. Increase prep time, or lower it, depending on staff performance.

Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Student satisfaction is the ultimate goal for phase one, and this comes with being able to handle the increase in demand. Every campus is unique so with a small start, we are able to tweak operations – both the pick-up area and process flow. Thus, we can ensure your food quality and customer service is not compromised. We are also experts in operational efficiencies, and can work with multiple different cafeteria scenarios. Additionally; Hangry can handle multiple printers using IP printing. Our system is extremely flexible. This includes where hardware needs to be positioned, where the pick-up lines are located, and order flow. With this slow start, you can ensure you are providing optimal customer service before launching all over campus.

From a marketing perspective, this is also a great strategy because once you earn your student’s trust, you can rely on them to spread the word and recommend Hangry. Phase 1 is also a great opportunity for students to rate their order experience, and overall experience on the app. These excellent reviews will be a great weapon to have once the app is available all over campus.

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