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Let students text you the changes they want to see on campus

You can’t create the ultimate student experience unless you know what your student’s want. Feedback obtained through reviews and survey completion are very sought-after commodities in the campus auxiliary community due to the challenge in acquiring such information.

Students don’t want to complete surveys, and often don’t get around to complaining about the things they want changed. This will lead to students becoming unsatisfied with their campuses auxiliary services and choosing to purchase off-campus options instead. So, the question becomes: How can you get students to complete surveys and provide feedback so you know what they want? Well, that question is a lot easier to answer than you think, and it requires just three steps.

  1. Make it easy and a part of their everyday life
  2. Provide an incentive
  3. Show them the immediate effectiveness of their participation

Make It Easy

When we say let students text you their issues, we really mean it. Let’s create a hypothetical situation:

A student is in line to purchase pasta, and she is not happy that there are no gluten-free pasta options. You can:

a) Ask her to complete a written survey on her experience and then submit it to Hospitality services from your website or…

b) Ask her to text you the issue and you’ll get on it right away

Which option do you think the student is most likely to choose?

With Hangry’s campus branded app, gaining feedback through reviews and survey completion is really that simple. By using our mobile app, you are offering the opportunity for students to provide feedback directly from their phone, which will immediately get sent to you. In addition, Hangry’s dedicated success coaches will be there to guide you on best practices to ensure optimal participation in surveys and reviews (I.e. keep them short and simple, provide incentive and highlight effectiveness.) In addition, Hangry’s campus app features a mobile inbox where you can keep in touch with your students by providing daily announcements, deals, coupons, and more.

Provide Incentive

Millennials and Gen Z students are all about convenience and seeing what benefits they can receive. By providing an incentive for filling out surveys, you will generate more participation and results. A great way to do this is through the Hangry Loyalty and Rewards feature. Using this feature, you can place points on virtually any action within your app. Therefore, you can reward students with points every time they participate in a survey or review a product/service. These points can then be redeemed in your mobile rewards store for campus prizes and experiences. This double-edged sword allows you to increase student participation in surveys and promote campus retail, events, etc. through your mobile rewards store.

Highlight the effectiveness of their participation

If students can directly see the results of survey participation, they might be inclined to partake as well. This can be done by posting results on social media, or through any medium that you know will generate high visibility. Using the Hangry Campus Branded app, you are able to send students push notifications directly to their phone which can include survey results, and how their feedback led to significant changes or improvements. Gen Z and millennials don’t just want to see changes happen, they want to be a part of it. This is why highlighting the effectiveness of their participation is such an important step. With Hangry’s app, students can receive real-time updates and participate in a direct line of communication between them and you.

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