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Marketing with Digital Boards

At Hangry, we’re always working on additional features and product enhancements! One newly added feature to our Marketing & Loyalty Module includes digital boards.

Digital boards, sometimes referred to as order boards or menu boards, are a great way to communicate with customers. A digital board is a dedicated webpage that displays transactions information and marketing materials, typically on a large TV in a cafeteria or restaurant. 

To use a board, you plug in any small internet device that can access a web-browser tot he TV, and navigate to the board’s unique URL. Each board contains one of more ‘screens’ that are displayed for a defined length of time. The board will rotate to the next screen once the time is up. A screen contains one or more views, and is configured with a layout (e.g. single view, split views, triple views, etc.). 

Let’s take a look at digital boards & digital views in action!

First, you need to click the plus button next to the search box in order to create a board. Once created, one screen will automatically populate in the sub-tab section. Click the pencil icon to edit screen name, duration, and layout. Then, select which view(s) you’d like to display from the dropdown. You can also edit the display options, including whether the board is to be viewed in light mode or dark mode. 




If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to create digital views. Again, add a view by clicking the plus button next to the search box. When creating a view, you’re initially prompted to select a view type from the drop down list. Based on your selection, relevant configuration options will populate in the first sub-tab. There are lots of view types to choose from, including menu display, transaction status grid, location wait times, image carousel, and more!

Then, you can make choices to ensure the view is configured according to your specifications. For example, in the screenshot we are creating a menu display board. Aspects of configuration include things like the location, menu sections to be displayed, menu rotation duration, whether to show item icon images, etc. 


Another example is a transaction status grid, where you can display current orders for a location.


Advertisements are also a great view to create and display on the boards.

Once you’ve created your desired view(s), go back to the digital board tab. Click on the board you’d like to configure, and assign a view to the relevant screen. 


From here, you can also preview your board to ensure it looks exactly how you’d imagined.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, watch our video!



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