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In-App HTML Inbox

Intelligent Upselling

Flexible Promo Campaigns


Create ‘groups’ of users based on uploaded lists or query user profile & historical order data. Use these groups throughout the platform; for example: to restrict locations and menu sections.


Utilize a dedicated in-app inbox for rich HTML content. You can also send push notifications to your users. Notifications & messages can be targeted to specific segments or individual users.


Flexible campaigns automatically apply discounts at checkout. These promos can be tied to specific cart items, campus card tenders, user segments, menu schedules, and much more.


Drive additional revenue with rule-based upselling (e.g. upsell a coke when the cart contains a sandwich). Or use our automated upselling via historical transaction data to recommend items to users at checkout.


Powerful User Segmentation enables a targeted & tailored experience for your students.
Create segments based on: user profiles; historical transaction data; uploaded CSV’s of card numbers or email addresses; or manually selected users.


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Personalized In-App Inbox

Communicate directly with your users via an in-app HTML inbox. You can write your own HTML or use the drag & drop builder to create custom messages. With HTML, you can embed videos, links, and any other web content you wish. When coupled with our loyalty module, users will earn points and complete challenges for opening messages. This leads to high open rates! You can assign date ranges and applicable segments to control when and to whom the message is sent. Additionally, push notifications can accompany any inbox message as an alert on the user’s device. Notifications can be sent independently and scheduled for a future date or time.

Upselling + Campaigns = Increased Revenue

Campaigns are automatically applied at the checkout if the configured parameters are satisfied. You can restrict to specific: locations, user segments, tenders and menu schedules. Menu item group rules (similar to meal exchange tenders) allow further control.

Example 1: “Happy Hour” – $2.00 off from 3-6pm on Fridays when you order any sandwich from Pita Pit.

Example 2: “Encourage 2nd Purchase” – Create a segment of users that have ordered only once at Subway: 10% off your second order when you purchase a 12″ sandwich & Coca-Cola.

Example 3: “Declining Balance Incentive” – $0.50 off Starbucks lattes when you pay with your declining balance account.

Layer upselling on top of campaigns to prompt users to add an item to the cart in order to receive the promotion automatically at checkout. Upselling is based on powerful, pre-defined rules that you control. They can similarly be configured for specific locations, user segments, tenders, menu schedules, and cart items. For quick configuration, you can instead enable automatic upselling, which uses historical transaction data to suggest items that similar carts and users have purchased along with the existing cart items. Upsell data is tracked and you can use the data analytics to run A/B testing among your upsell rules.


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