October 16, 2017 Hangry

Minimize Mistakes in Campus Dining Operations

It’s often assumed that adding mobile ordering to campus dining operations is just more work, and will increase the occurrence of mistakes. This simply isn’t true. With Hangry’s built-in algorithm, you are actually able to improve order flow, and minimize your margin of error. Hangry’s mobile ordering takes into account order history, how many orders are in the queue, time of day, individual item prep time and more.

Once these presets are in place, we then introduce the Two Minute Buffer. This accounts for human error and does not affect food quality. This is why 99% of our orders are ready on time. In addition, Hangry can improve efficiency by grouping similar orders. If there are three chicken sandwiches in the queue, Hangry sends those orders to the kitchen all at once. Our algorithm takes this grouping into account when estimating prep times. This leaves very little room for mistakes and gets the orders out faster without compromising food quality.

To ensure orders are ready to be picked up at their designated times, we use our algorithm to predict estimated pick up time. Once the student hits ‘confirm order’, a little blue bubble will show up on their phone or mobile screen that tells them the time in which their order will be ready (i.e. 12 minutes). Each item in the system has two prep times, one for NORMAL mode, and one for BUSY mode. Busy mode is an option that kitchen staff can turn on when they are experiencing a high volume of orders. Once this mode is turned on, all prep times for meals with be increased, giving the kitchen more time to make orders. This can be done for rush hour times like noon and 5pm or during busy campus events.

Operational Integration

Once Hangry’s mobile ordering has seamlessly integrated into your existing campus dining operational flow, our final goal is exceptional customer service. Ultimately, this feature was built so students can get where they need to be without waiting in line. That is why Hangry provides a very transparent ordering process that notifies students about their order every step of the way.

  • First the order is submitted, and they get a confirmation that their order was received
  • Once the order is sent to the kitchen, they get a notification letting them know their order is being prepared
  • When their order is ready, they get a message letting them know to come pick it up

We also allow the staff to communicate with the students. The staff are able to hit a button on their tablet to let the student know it’s going to be an extra few minutes for their order if they need it. This will then bump the estimated pick up time for that order. This allows students to receive the message and not have them waiting around the Hangry booth for their meal. This is ideal for students ordering from class, the library, the bus, mid-walk and more.

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