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Mobile App Checkout Select Box

The newly released checkout select box feature allows for customizable checkout experiences. A checkout select box has various use cases. One example would be for a waste reduction initiative. In this example, a checkout select box would be used to clearly communicate whether a customer requires cutlery. Another example would be for custom surveys. A location can be set up with various questions, allowing for valuable precise feedback from app users. 

Setting up checkout boxes is relatively straightforward; read on for more details. 

Step by Step: Checkout Select Box Setup


1. First, go to the Admin section on the left, and click on the checkout boxes tab at the top. 

2. Next, enter the name of your checkout select box, then click create. The new checkout select box will appear in the list.



3. Once created, click on the box and the middle panel will populate with specification options. 

4. Edit the description, icon, selections, and sorting type. Then, click update.



5. Next, customize the list of choices. In the reducing waste example, they would be regarding utensils as shown in the below image. 

6. Once you’ve created the choices, click each one to open a panel on the far right for editing options. Each choice has a label, description (optional), display override (optional), and printer/receipt label. You may also set a default selection. After editing, click update choice, and repeat for any other choice options. 



7. Now that the checkout boxes are created, they can be added to applicable locations. To link them, go to the Locations section on the left, and Checkout Boxes tab at the top.

8. From the dropdown menu, select your desired location. Below the location, there is a list of checkout boxes. Next click the applicable box, and then click the add checkout box button. 



9. Once added, you can edit the priority for the checkout select boxes. To edit any other components, go back to the Admin section where they were originally created.



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