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Mobile App Custom Reports

Reports are an important component for many of our clients. Although the Hangry dashboard has had reporting capabilities since its inception, we’ve recently added a custom reports tab to our sales section. Here, clients are able to access a variety of reports for their needs. The best part – we’re always adding more report types based on client feedback and requests.

The custom reports section – select date range, report type, order type, and location.


The first few reports relate to transactions. First, you have transaction breakdowns with no items. This will give a good idea of the overall spend via the app. Next, we have transactions with items. This gives you all the transactions, with the addition of items so you can see how overall spend relates to items sold. Finally, we have transactions with items and mods. With this you can go deeper on the transactions as they relate to both items and modifiers included in a customer’s order.


The next two reports relate to tender breakdowns. First, you have the ability to see the total spend in the various tenders. This means that you get the totals based on the date range specified in the drop down at the top of the custom reports area. The second option is a tender break down by day. With this report, you would specify the date range from the dropdown and the generated report will display the tender totals for each day.


Finally, there are two reports that relate to product mix. First, you have a product mix report by item. This report will display the section, item and item count; the count is on the items. The second report is by item-modifier pair. This report will display the sections items, and related modifiers; the count is on modifiers.

Choose from the list of report types.

A few additional things worth mentioning for the custom reporting – date, order type, and location.

The date range at the top should be specified to ensure the report will generate accordingly. There is also the option to select whether you’d like the report type to display released orders or scheduled orders – the more common selection is released. Finally, reports can be generate across all locations, or they can be specific to one location selected from the dropdown.

Choose between released or scheduled orders – the more frequent selection is released.

From the dropdown, you can select location specific or across all locations.


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