July 19, 2017 Hangry

Mobile App Solution- Be the Brand Students Want

Stay within the student budget

“I’m on a student budget.” We hear it all the time. You move away to college, pride disappears and coupons are plentiful. If what you’re offering is expensive, students want nothing to do with it. To promote your brand, you want to ensure you’re staying within the student budget. And if you want bonus points—offer them prizes.

With the Hangry campus branded app you’re, first and foremost, offering the app for free. That is your way in. In addition to the free mobile solution, the campus mobile app is also a great way to advertise campus deals, combos and promotions.  Through push messaging and mobile marketing, you can keep students informed with daily campus dining deals, merchandise promotions and one of our favorites… letting them know where the free stuff is! (Ex. Psst…free donuts in the math building!).  By constantly providing ways to help students save money, you are well on your way to becoming the campus brand that students want.


Reward your students for using your app

Students love being rewarded. Once they have downloaded your app and have begun using it, you’ll need a strategy to keep them around as well. Rewarding them for using your app is a great way to do this. With Hangry’s Loyalty and Rewards feature you can place points on virtually anything! It can be as simple as rewarding the student points for opening your app at a certain time or for purchasing from a particular store.  These points can then be redeemed for prizes in your rewards store. Like we said earlier, students are all about deals and promotions. With a Loyalty and Rewards Program, you are just giving students the added incentive to use the mobile solution you have to offer.


It Needs to Work Everywhere

Rolling out your Campus Branded App to only certain dining and auxiliary locations on campus is a common implementation process. It’s a great way to test out how an app is going to perform, and can help gage your students’ interest. However, this process can’t last long.  Putting restrictions on your Campus Branded App can cause students to lose interest fast. Restrictions could include: only offering your app to a certain group of students (ex. A specific department or residence building), only offering mobile ordering at one location, or only offering promotions, combos, and deals to one dining location. Students love convenience, and you’ll seldom find them trekking across campus to a dining location just so they can use your mobile solution. Ensure that your mobile solution is available to everyone at all times. This flexibility will increase your reliability and mobile app usage.


Hangry is the most flexible campus mobile platform for auxiliary and dining services. We provide university and colleges with their own campus branded app to enrich the student experience across all of their auxiliary services.

Your App. Your Brand.

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