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Mobile Order Marketing Campaigns

Part of our new marketing module includes extremely flexible promos and marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns are automatic promos, and they’re applied based on rules that you configure. This includes the ability to restrict locations, user segments, or to be applicable only to certain users. You can also select an active date range, and apply schedules so the promo automatically rotates. For example a different campaign for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Along with a few other settings, you would also set cart rules that must be satisfied in order for the campaign promo or discount to apply. 

Create Marketing Campaigns Such As:

Step by Step:

  1. To create a campaign, input a campaign name and click create.
  2. In the middle section, update the campaign.
    • Campaign name is internal, while the display label is what users will see at checkout.
    • Applicable locations – can be one, or several.
    • Applicable user segments and specific users – can be one, or several.
    • Set the campaign to active once you’re ready for it to be live. Once the campaign is no longer available, set it to disabled. You can also set the date range to automatically activate/disable the campaign.
    • Select the promo type – dollars or percentage off.
    • Set the amount – if dollars, there is just an amount. For percentage, set the percent amount as well as the maximum dollar amount.
    • Next, set the minimum subtotal required for the promo to apply. This can be ignored if you do not require a minimum.
    • Max number of uses per user and max number of total uses can also be set.
  3. Once this section is complete, click update.
  4. Next, move to the next section on the right, called advanced.
    • Here, you can enable and disable different tender types. Other than credit card and campus card, you can specify the tender types that are applicable (i.e. restrict to only declining balance, meal exchange, etc.)
    • Finally, you can set item groups for cart rules that must be satisfied in order for the marketing campaign to apply. Include a quantity requirement, and the sections from which the items must be selected. If there are no cart requirements for your campaign, then this section can be left blank.
  5. Once the advanced settings are complete, click advanced update.

Watch the detailed how-to video below:



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