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Mobile Order Marketing Module

Our newly released mobile order marketing module is centred around campaigns and upselling.

Mobile Order Marketing –  The How

Our targeted mobile order marketing solution consists of intelligent upselling and extremely flexible promos and campaigns.

Campaigns are automatic promos, and they’re applied based on rules that you configure. This includes the ability to restrict locations, user segments, or to be applicable only to certain users. You can also select an active date range, and apply schedules so the promo automatically rotates. For example a different campaign for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Along with a few other settings, you would also set cart rules that must be satisfied in order for the campaign promo or discount to apply. 

Upselling is the second newly added function of the mobile order marketing module. There are a few ways to set the parameters. First, we have standard upsell rules. These have cart conditions, user restrictions, and more configurable parameters. Next, there is the catch-all upsell. These have applicable schedules and exclusion groups only. Finally, there is auto upselling. This is a form many of us are familiar with – the user will receive suggestions based on historical transaction data. Learn more about upselling in this post.

Mobile Order Marketing – The Why

There are multiple benefits to both campaigns and upselling. The automatic campaigns are great for engagement; and an exciting way for marketing to get creative. The results of both campaigns and upselling is the generation of significant incremental revenue.

We also provide analytics around both campaigns and upselling. With these, you can see how your parameter selections are performing. It’s a great way to do some A/B testing, and see which items may be selling better. Another handy way to use campaigns is to clear out certain stock, for example sushi at the end of each day could have a special price. You encourage customers to make the purchase, while reducing waste for items that would typically end up being thrown out.

Aside from sales, upping mobile app engagement is always a great thing. Campaigns make customers feel good! Everyone likes a deal, and since campaigns apply automatically at checkout, it’s less work for customers to get their benefit. Using the segmentation ability, there are many types of campaigns to set up. Here are just a few ideas:


Learn more by watching our overview video:



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