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Mobile Ordering – Phase 3

It’s all about phases. Three to be more specific. Hangry understands the higher education auxiliary market; and we also understand that in order for change to happen, it needs to happen gradually. Simply put, you can’t make mobile ordering accessible everywhere on campus all at once. Therefore, you need to develop a phased-out mobile strategy to ensure optimal usage and success. Along with operations and initial mobile ordering roll out, we recommend you keep the loyalty portion in mind as well. 

Phase 3:

This is your last phase so if you haven’t read up on phase 1 or 2, we’ll give you a second to do that now. In phase 3, you have established trust with your students, you’ve seen app success and its time to start making it available everywhere. You can start encompassing all the services across campus to really make the app your own. By tying the entire campus into loyalty, your branded app will be the vehicle you use to ultimately drive student behavior. To learn more about how to drive student behavior through loyalty click here. In this phase, you want to let the students know that everyday tasks can earn them tons of app points; but because you’ve made it campus-wide, this feature becomes so much more attractive.

In order to make loyalty a campus-wide feature, students need to be able to earn points everywhere. Some examples of additions to your branded app would include the book store, retail stores, athletic centres, event tickets, parking, printing, residence life, laundry and so much more. Students can earn points every time they buy books, or if they buy during a certain time period. Students can earn points by checking into campus or residential events. Points can even be allocated for the smallest tasks, like doing laundry or parking on campus. By expanding loyalty capabilities, it adds utility to the app beyond just mobile ordering.


It’s not as tough as it seems…

We acknowledge this step seems like an extensive amount of work for the campus; however, with Hangry’s API, adding points to any action is an extremely easy process and we do the majority of the leg work. With our API, we can easily work with any idea you come up with and integrate with any other app students are using on campus. In a few easy steps, your Campus Branded app can be available everywhere, and can adapt to any changing situation or environment. The student experience is constantly changing and growing, so we like to consider phase 3 a permanent thing—the marriage of student and campus branded app. In this phase you’ll see that you’ve not only created a simple mobile app for students to use, but a mobile enterprise that increases sales, keeps students on campus, drives behaviour, and is a main source of marketing.

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