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Mobile Ordering Supports Healthy Eating on Campus

Facing major changes in academic responsibilities, as well as an entirely new environment, it’s not shocking that many university and college students struggle to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

“There’s a huge adjustment that takes place when students leave home and come to college,”  according to Dr. Rebecca Corwin, an associate professor of nutritional sciences and neuroscience at Penn State University. “It’s a very stressful and vulnerable time.” Coming to college or university is a big step, and although it is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming. For many, it’s the first time that they will have so many responsibilities on their plate. Following class schedules, completing assignments, studying for exams. Not to mention getting familiar with their new surroundings and building new relationships.

Campuses offer a wide range of student activities to engage in, and they also have robust support systems to help students transition during this major life change. It’s important for students to be able to tap into campus resources, especially if they’re facing full independence for the first time. Staying organized and disciplined become major keys to success, and often times healthy eating slips through the cracks.

How To Make It Work

With near constant access to fast food, and a limited budget, students face big challenges when trying to eat right. It’s no secret that the human body needs an assortment of foods in order to function at it’s best. This is where a campus wide mobile ordering solution comes in to help students quickly and easily alter their habits, and make better nutritional choices. Students not only benefit from the convenience, but ordering ahead also helps them to avoid poor last minute choices – like when you walk into the cafeteria on an empty stomach to the enticing smell of pizza and french fries.

With hectic schedules, it becomes increasingly important to have access to tools that are multi-faceted. This can help keep students on track. Through Hangry, students are able to leverage the many features within the app in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep them feeling their best. This leads to more energy, and sharper focus, so students can set themselves up for success throughout their school year.

To learn more about healthy eating on campus and how Hangry can help, browse the links below:

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