January 11, 2018 Hangry

An Open Letter to Schools without Mobile Ordering

Dear Campus,

Before I lecture you on why your campus should already have mobile ordering, I thought I’d hit you with some facts to get you in the ‘mobile mood’.


83% of adults use their mobile device to look up restaurant locations, directions, and hours

75% look up menus and 55% read reviews

51% order takeout/delivery from the restaurant’s website

50% use rewards or special deals/ promotions

– 79% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their experience (Hospitality Tech)

Mobile Ordering gives students easy access to campus dining that fits seamlessly into their busy life. Think of it this way; over 6 years ago students started buying digital cameras like crazy to take pictures of their daily lives, and then they would upload them all to Myspace (remember Myspace?). As a millennial myself, I would take every opportunity to snap photos, develop them and tape a collage to my dorm room wall.

Then, Instagram came along and allowed young people everywhere to take their beautiful wall collages and make them public. Instagram took a popular everyday activity and made it mobile. They took the activity we loved to do the most, and made it possible to accomplish it on the device we were using the most. Fast forward to today where having everyday activities accessible through mobile is no longer a “nice to have,” but rather, an expectation and societal norm.

Are you convinced yet?

Another reason mobile ordering should be number one on your priority list is because of the endless amount of other services it provides. With a campus dining app, you can drive student behaviour, communicate with each student directly, gather ordering data, perform direct marketing, and so much more. With this kind of reach, it seems almost silly to not have it. Have I convinced you yet? Let’s keep moving.

A Campus Dining app also provides you with the opportunity for student loyalty. With a Loyalty Program, you can reward students for using the app and dining on-campus. Not only will this increase utility and provide a better student experience, but it will also keep students dining ON campus. A Loyalty program also acts as a catalyst for direct student marketing. If your students are ordering through your app every day, that means they’re looking at your app every day. You’re welcome for the hand-held billboard. With this kind of intimacy, you can market new dining locations, campus events, targeted daily specials etc., all at your student’s fingertips.

With so many uses, the need for mobile ordering is hard to ignore. In order to provide the ultimate student experience, there needs to be a mobile experience; they go hand-in-hand. By seamlessly integrating into the everyday life of a student you can expect improved student satisfaction, an increase in revenue/meals ordered, higher app utility, and an overall better student experience. If I haven’t convinced you yet, then I’ll leave you with this. Remember above when I mentioned how students used to upload all their pictures to Myspace?

Do you have Myspace?

Me neither.



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