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It’s no secret that mobile ordering has infiltrated many parts of our lives. We use apps to order everything from food, to clothing, to furniture. Nowadays, it’s expected that companies at least optimize their websites for mobile browsing.

As smart phones become more engrained in everyday life, so do speed and convenience. Many of today’s youth have grown up not knowing life without technology. Thus, their expectations are a bit different when it comes to things like ordering coffee. They want quick access, and quick service when it comes to something like food. With the rise of so many platforms – UberEats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, etc. – everyone has a plethora of options to order ahead! Not to mention, most major chains also have their own apps – think Starbucks, McDonalds, Chic-fil-A.

Although your campus or office may not have a massive cafeteria, it would certainly benefit from upping their tech game. Having a mobile app to order ahead not only allows clients the convenience of avoiding long line ups; it also gives them back valuable time.

How We Can Help

Hangry can offer you a great platform to roll out; and with the custom branding it blends seamlessly with your operations. Recently we added a feature that not only allows clients to order ahead based on current waiting times, but they can even select a specific time to pick up. This is excellent for users that know exactly when they want their order to be ready; perhaps they’re on a tight schedule with classes, or running between meetings. It’ll save them time and allow them to grab a bite when they otherwise may have had to skip lunch.

Having a branded app is an investment that not only includes mobile ordering; it also builds community. Check out our blog section to see the features we offer, and how we can help better your workplace. Better yet – request a demo so we can chat one on one!


Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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