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Students earn points for rating & reviewing every transaction. This gets tied back to individual items and restaurants. You can also send out targeted surveys.


Our average check size is 26% higher than in-store purchases. Use points to up-sell customers; 500 extra points if you make it a combo. You can also drive higher margin items using bonus points.


Encourage ordering during off-peak hours or healthier eating choices using points. Loyalty and mobile ordering work seamlessly to influence student dining behavior.


Pick a restaurant. Build an order. Choose a tender. Submit an order.

Students will be notified every step of the way & receive a message when the order is ready.


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When exploring mobile ordering options on campus, price is typically very high on the priority list. Commonly, campuses will look at the ‘large’ cost of a flat fee and turn the other way. You are then confronted with your other option which is usually some form of a transaction fee model. However, campuses often overlook that $0.50 and don’t realize the cost it adds up to over time.

Transaction Fees vs. Flat Fees: Why Free Isn’t Really Free


One of your #1 priorities when considering mobile food ordering is to keep students dining on campus. The reason this is so important is because mobile ordering is actually a very powerful tool to increase on-campus ordering.

Off- Campus Mobile Ordering: Why You’re Losing Campus Card Cash

Mobile food ordering gives students easy access to campus dining that fits seamlessly into their busy life. Think of it this way; over 6 years ago students started buying digital cameras like crazy to take pictures of their daily lives, and then they would upload them all to Myspace (remember Myspace?).

An Open Letter to Schools without Mobile Ordering


What is Gen Z to you? They might just be the new round of students starting university, or maybe they are a generation you’re scared of. You may see them as a generation that will spend too much time on their phones, unable to develop proper social skills. Well, we believe Gen Z will have a much larger impact than you think on global markets and the food service industry.

Why Gen Z Needs Mobile Food Ordering


With Hangry’s built-in algorithm, you are actually able to improve order flow, and minimize your margin of error. Hangry’s mobile ordering takes into account order history, how many orders are in the queue, time of day, individual item prep time and more. Once these presets are in place, we then introduce the Two Minute Buffer. This accounts for human error and does not affect food quality. This is why 99% of our orders are ready on time. In addition, Hangry can improve efficiency by grouping similar orders.

Minimize Mistakes with Hangry’s Mobile Ordering

Hangry uses an algorithm to predict their estimated pick up time. Once the student hits ‘confirm order’, a little blue bubble will show up on their screen that tells them the time in which their order will be ready (i.e. 12 minutes)

Our Algorithm – Campus Mobile Ordering


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