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In-patient Hospital Dining Rescued by Mobile Ordering

The process of ordering meals for hospital patients is quite tedious. A daily menu selection sheet is passed to the patients for them or family members to fill out. They will select meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, circling their options of choice. In addition, this meal selection process typically happens about 2 days in advance at most hospitals in order for it to be processed accurately and on time.

The Disadvantages
This outdated process creates a great deal of disadvantages for both the patient and the hospital staff. Because patients must order so early in advance, this creates a high amount of food waste because of poor forecasting procedures. This type of ordering also doesn’t take into account any external factors such as the possibility of patients being discharged or any health changes that may occur within that time frame. For the staff, this manual system is strenuous for the dietician’s office and leaves tons of room for mistakes. In addition, all patient medical history must be acknowledged including allergies, medications and food restrictions. If any mistakes are made through this paper process, satisfaction ratings, and more importantly the patient’s health, are affected significantly.

Rescued by Mobile Ordering
Through in-patient mobile ordering, you can create the ultimate hospital dining experience for your patients. When it comes time for the patient to order their food, the nurse or active staff on duty simply opens the room tablet to access the hospital menu. From here, the staff member now has full access to the patient’s allergies, medications, and food restrictions in order to make educated meal choices. Once the meal components have been chosen, the staff member simply clicks ‘order’, which will send the meal choice down to the kitchen to be prepared. Below are a few immediate advantages to having in-patient ordering:

  • Significant increase in meal satisfaction
    • They will receive their food shortly after ordering
    • All allergies and restrictions will be avoided
    • Accurate food amount will be given based on medication requirements
    • The patient was able to order according to their preference that day instead of what they felt like eating two days ago
  • Absolutely no paperwork is used because the order was made immediately, and all patient information was available on the tablet
  • No orders were lost and no mistakes were made through the paperless process
  • Your patient’s health can be guaranteed

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