September 21, 2017 Hangry

How to Perfectly Execute Mobile Ordering

It’s all about phases. 3 to be more specific. Hangry understands the higher education auxiliary market, and we also understand that in order for change to happen, it needs to happen gradually. Simply put, you can’t make mobile ordering accessible everywhere on campus all at once. Therefore, you need to develop a phased-out mobile strategy to ensure optimal usage and success.


Phase 1:

In this phase your number 1 priority is to get all staff aligned. This includes your operations, accounting, IT etc. All must be aligned in order for the mobile processes to work seamlessly. Hangry suggests starting off with a few ordering locations to ensure the program is successful. It’s all about walking before you run and we’ve seen success with this approach at other campuses. In addition to starting off small, you also want to begin with restaurants that are going to be operationally the smoothest.

A great example of this is Subway because it’s already set up like an assembly line. Hangry would seamlessly integrate by having an order come in at the beginning of the order-taking line. The order would print out as if they are the next person in line in front of them. The staff member would then take the printed order and pass it down the assembly line to be prepared.

The ultimate goal for phase 1 is student satisfaction and being able to handle the increase of demand. With a small start, we are able to tweak operations (both the pick-up area and process flow) to ensure your food quality and customer service is not compromised. Hangry is an expert in operational efficiencies, and can work with multiple different cafeteria scenarios. Hangry can handle multiple printers using IP printing, and we are extremely flexible in terms of where hardware needs to be positioned, where the pick-up lines are and order flow.



Phase 2:

Now it’s time to start rolling out additional mobile ordering locations, and this is also your opportunity to try out the loyalty program (go beyond food). Our loyalty system allows you to place points on essentially any action within your app. These points can then be redeemed for prizes in the rewards store which acts as an essential marketing tool. Great starting points include event tickets, athletic center entry, book store prizes, points for printing, parking and more. The Loyalty program is your opportunity to drive student behavior, and promote essentially anything happening or offer on campus. Trying out one other service in addition to dining will show a significance increase in the utility of your branded app.

Phase 3:

By phase 3, you can start encompassing all the services across campus to really make the app your own. By tying the entire campus into loyalty, your branded app will be the vehicle you use to ultimately drive student behavior. To learn more about how to drive student behavior through loyalty click here. Some examples of additions to your branded app would include the book store, retail stores, athletic centers, event tickets, parking, printing, residence life, laundry and so much more.


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