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Put All Your Existing Campus Apps in One Place

A huge reason why campuses are so hesitant to adopt a campus branded app is because they have already launched a few apps on campus. The campus will ask their students to download multiple different apps for different things (i.e. parking, dining etc.), not knowing that you can have everything in one place. Students already have limited real estate on their phone, so campus apps will be last priority for them – especially if there is more than one.

Put everything in on place

The Hangry Campus Branded app allows you to put all of Auxiliary Services in one mobile app. From mobile ordering, to dining menus, to event tickets, to parking; the Hangry App acts as a hub for all mobile features you are hoping to launch on campus. In addition, Hangry ties all these features into our signature loyalty program. This allows students to earn points for using the app which can then be redeemed for campus prizes. This multi-faceted program requires students to download only one app, and will even reward them for doing so.

But what if I already have successful apps on campus?

The answer to this question is Hangry’s API, or Application Programming Interface, and it allows any Auxiliary Service to communicate with our system and is a secure way for our campuses to add loyalty points to a user’s profile. This is extremely convenient for the campus because of how flexible it allows the operations to be. Let’s say the campus has a parking app and a student has just paid for their parking. That parking app can use our API on the backend to send us the student ID and transaction amount, and we will apply loyalty points to that account. At the end of the day, Hangry will provide loyalty points to students for using your existing apps. This will increase app usage on those apps, while providing a centralized hub for auxiliary communication to students- a unified approach.

What if it doesn’t work with our current System?

It doesn’t matter what system the campus is running on, or what technology is being used. The REST API allows us to work with any different programming language or system—flexibility is the name of the game. We recognize every campus is unique and has different technology stacks. The campus is able to kick the loyalty points over to our system, so all campus-wide loyalty is housed in one place.

Auxiliary Services thrives on mobile

As your campus grows with your mobile strategy, loyalty points can eventually be used in broader contexts. What do we mean by this? Well, your campus can essentially start applying points where ever they see fit in order to drive behavior. Points can even be allocated for retail locations or the book store; it doesn’t matter what system is being used. The campus simply kicks over the points on our API back end, and then we can apply those points to any specific user ID.

Most importantly, the campus controls all the loyalty points and determines how these points are assigned, and what they are redeemed for.  You can even build your own rewards store filled with campus merchandise, tickets, coupons, and gift cards, etc. This will boost marketing and provide on-campus incentives for your students.  Our goal is to provide the ultimate flexibility for your campus allowing you to essentially assign points anywhere.

At the end of the day, Hangry’s Solution is ready for all scenarios. Whether you are looking to integrate with other apps, unify all Auxiliary Services, or modernize your marketing strategy; Hangry will adapt, incorporate, and ultimately improve the overall student experience on your campus. When auxiliary goes mobile you are able to create a unified approach to campus life while driving behavior, increasing sales, and optimizing customer service.

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