Dining Hall Reservations

Manage Traffic Flow

Limit Dining Hall Capacity

Contactless Entry & Exit

Include Walk-In Traffic

Real-Time Monitoring


Schedule your reservation via the available time slots. Our flow algorithm automatically spaces out reservations based on your parameters.


Students scan their unique reservation QR code when they enter and exit the dining hall. No contact!


Set a maximum capacity for each dining hall. When full, if a student tries to check-in, the system will reject the scan until another student checks out.


Seamlessly integrated with your campus card & student meal plans.
Use board plans, cash equivalency, meal exchange or declining balance.


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If you currently have multiple entrances available to your dining location, maybe you don’t need to have them all accessible for the time being. This way, you can limit the number of people directly crossing paths with each other.

Residence Dining Hall in Relation to Social Distancing

A campus will simply no longer be able to accommodate people in their dining locations simultaneously. Some ways to handle this would be to limit the number of diners by offering them dine-in reservations. This is a great solution to control traffic, while also preventing the frustration of long line-ups.

Social Distancing for Campus Dining

We have examples of campuses using our platform for a convenience store that offers curb side pickup, as well as for textbook orders. This again reduces touch points. It also promotes social distancing.

Campus Operations During COVID-19  


Read More About Social Distancing


Include Walk-In Traffic in the Dining Hall Capacity Management

Ensure that your dining hall capacity management solution also counts the walk-in traffic for those faculty and staff that may not reserve their spot ahead of time. Real-time monitoring of residential-dining hall capacity across campus is also included as part of the reservations module. Students can view the current capacity live in the mobile app, so they can make appropriate social distancing decisions.

Create ‘reservations’ for walk-in traffic. This enables a complete reservation solution for campus dining halls.


Auto-Cancel Timer

Future Day Scheduling

Reminder Push Messaging

Advanced Analytics