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Silent Push Notifications: Campus Mobile Weapon for Student Communication

Let’s go through the process of downloading a new app to your phone. Perhaps you’ve just downloaded a photo editing application. Or maybe the newest version of Candy Crush. When you first open the app, you are bombarded with a series of prompts. Depending on the app, these prompts might include ‘[App Name] would like to access your photos’, or ‘[App Name] would like access to your microphone’. These prompts might incline you to say yes, but most of the time you probably just ignore them all. One prompt that seems to get the most neglect is, ‘[App name] would like to send you push notifications’. Unless you’ve just downloaded a popular social-sharing mobile app, the chances of you clicking ‘allow’ to this prompt are very very slim. Why? Because push notifications are annoying. Especially if it’s not an app you’re accessing multiple times a day.

However, as a mobile app platform, we sit on the other side of the conundrum feeling unloved and trying to find a way to communicate with our students without driving them crazy. It’s like we sent them a request to chat, and they blocked our number. We’ve been rejected. The hardest part about this neglect is, as a mobile app, you might have some really great things to offer in the conversation. Maybe you want to offer promo codes, free items, or daily promotions! But you now don’t have access to send them anything. The answer to this problem is silent push notifications.


What is a Silent Push Notification?

Silent push notifications allow you to send messages and promotions to your student’s mailbox without ever sending them a notification. In the case of dining and auxiliary services, students won’t always want meal and dining updates—and that’s okay. With silent pushes, you are able to provide them the necessary information they need for promotions, updates, and prizes without bombarding their phone with notifications. With the Hangry platform, each account created on your Campus branded app will include a mail box, and with the help of our dedicated Success Coaches, we can work with you to come up with the perfect Silent Push schedule to ensure optimal open rates and great content. Here’s a fact many developers will find amazing: silent notifications are opened more than twice as often as notifications that use a sound (Venture Beat).


Silent Pushes for Dining and Auxiliary Services

With the use of silent pushes, the Hangry campus branded app allows you to share virtually anything with your students. Do you have daily specials? What about new dining locations? With silent pushes you are able to update the students directly to their phone and get twice the amount of visibility a sign or flyer would. In addition, push notifications (both silent and direct) work great with our loyalty and rewards feature. If you have new products you’d like students to know about, or new combo’s you’d like your students to try, use push notifications to inform your students of these updates and then offer them points for trying your new combos or items! In addition, you can even offer student points for simply opening your messages. This is a great way to keep students coming back to your app and give them further incentive to open your messages.

Hangry is the most flexible campus mobile platform for auxiliary and dining services. We provide university and colleges with their own campus branded app to enrich the student experience across all of their auxiliary services.

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