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Students Are Asked to Download Too Many Apps

Consumers are calling it app fatigue. There are just too many apps with relatively the same offerings and features, and potential users (especially students) simply do not have the room for them. According to TechCrunch, new apps are not providing enough value for consumers to come back and “are not an order of magnitude better than their predecessor; thus, adoption drops off as quickly as it started.”

On campuses specifically, there are more and more mobile solutions being provided to students with the same functions. Students simply do not have enough real estate on their phone to download them all. Therefore, when you are presented with new apps to offer your students, you need to be asking yourself the following questions:

Do I want my students downloading 5 different apps, or one all-encompassing app?

The answer is one. With social media platforms, online shopping, music, and study aids; students simply do not have enough room on their phone to be downloading multiple campus apps. Instead of asking your students to download one app for campus nutrition, another for mobile ordering, another for event tickets etc. Your best option for app success and optimal usage is to provide a solution to house all these features.

What brand do your students trust?

The answer to this one, is YOUR brand. In fact, 77% of people are considered brand loyal to the association they belong to. This means, students are more likely to download an app branded by the school they belong too, as opposed to third party apps trying to offer the same solutions. To learn more about why your brand is better, click here.

Are these third party apps a feature, or an enterprise?

When looking into possible app solutions for your campus, you have to ask yourself, is this something that another company could add to their product or is it a stand-alone feature? Take Snapchat for example, the core of their product is the ‘stories’ feature. Instagram was able to take this and add it to their own product to create ‘Instagram Stories.’ This is the same for mobile ordering. Why would you ask students to download a mobile app only for mobile ordering, when you can offer a campus-branded enterprise app that includes mobile ordering along with many other features? Plus, students only have to download it once. To learn more about why enterprise is better, click here.

At the end of the day, students are looking for the most convenient way to go about campus-life. Asking them to download multiple different apps for a relatively short educational career will often end in failure or extremely slow adoption. In order to ensure optimal app usage, and a seamless student experience you need to have an all-encompassing mobile app. Hangry provides a campus-branded mobile solution that houses everything your students will need in one place—with your name on the door. To learn more about Hangry’s platform and how it can benefit your campus, click below.

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