January 30, 2018 Hangry

A Student’s Choice: Food or School

I just got off the bus, its 7:15 and my three hour psych lecture starts in 15 minutes.
My alarm didn’t go off, because I don’t have my priorities sorted.
My didn’t make breakfast, because I don’t know how to take care of myself.
And I didn’t pack anything because… who does.

I have 15 minutes to get from the bus stop to the arts lecture hall,
the walk is 5 minutes, I’ll have plenty of time to stop for food.

I be-line it for the Student Centre.
I’m dreaming about my options…
Maybe I’ll get a Starbucks latte and cookie, or a Timmies donut and a large double double.
Maybe I’ll get a Booster Juice smoothie… nah I’m not going to do that.

I open the doors to the student centre, I’ve got 10 minutes.
I make my way to Starbucks…. Line up.
Atrocious line up.
Okay, that’s alright. We’ll go a healthier route today.
I make my way to Booster Juice… line up.

7 minutes left.

I can hear my stomach rumbling.
There is no way I can go through an entire lecture without food or water.
Which has the slowest line?

There is no short lines in site, looks like everyone is trying to get some last-minute breakfast in.
I decide to roll the dice on the Timmies line, the majority of people will order coffees.. that line has to go fast.

5 minutes left.

I’m standing in line.
Well, I’m more jumping.
Jumping and freaking out.

3 minutes left.

I’m not going to make it.

I ditch the line, stomach empty and brain woozy.
I make it to class just in time for the doors to close.

This is where it ends guys.
3 hours of psych class without any food or water.

Tell my mom I love her, and tell my roommate he can have my pet fish.


You should never have to make the choice between class or food.
Order ahead, skip the line, earn points, win prizes.
Get Hangry.

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